Claude Yoga and Meditation

500-hour certified yoga teacher

Helping you find balance in mind, body and spirit

Live Online Classes

My classes integrate the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga.
All levels are welcome. Classes are tailored to your needs.


All the yoga retreats I have done have brought me calm, serenity, flexibility and new friendships…
I aim to recreate this experience for my clients.

Helping you find balance in mind, body and spirit

Multiple Offerings to suit your needs

I offer online classes for all levels as well as private classes either in person in Paris or onlineI also offer semiprivate classes, which you can book with 2, 3 or 4 friends at a time that suit you all. It is a nice way to practice yoga since everyone knows each other and you can divide the cost with your friendsAll my classes include a philosophical theme, asanas, pranayama and relaxation. They are adapted to the time of the day, the season and the physical and mental state of my clients. Classes are either in French or in English.

One to One classes tailored to your needs

Restorative classes

Yoga for children

Well-rounded yoga flow

Meditation classes

All classes are meant to help you genuinely start yoga at home as a regular practice and you will be able to monitor your progress from one week to the next.  

I also organise retreats, which aim to create a bond with a group of like-minded people and deepen your exposure to ISHTA and advanced yoga techniques


Vous ressortirez de vos cours serein et détendu avec la sensation d’avoir pris soin de vous et de votre corps. La générosité, la gentillesse, l’écoute et le professionnalisme de Claude feront de vos séances de yoga un moment toujours agréable, vous ne pourrez plus vous en passer.

Éléonore Vigla Choné Professeure de musique

Claude est une passionnée de yoga depuis des décennies. Elle vient enfin de « passer à l’acte », et après de longues années d’entrainement et de formation, elle vient de lancer sa reconversion en professeure de yoga. Je suis sûr que son professionnalisme allié à son enthousiasme infectieux lui permettront de réussir brillamment dans ce domaine. La passion et l’enthousiasme sont des valeurs précieuses…

Philippe Bareille Pédiatre

Two years ago, Claude gave me my very first introduction to this practice and made me feel so good that I am still practicing now regularly and follow her online!

Moncha Siaba Styliste

Ready to make a change?

ISHTA yoga helps you achieve happiness and good health. In addition to the physical benefits of yoga postures, this practice gives you confidence and helps you connect with the world around you. We will provide you with all the tools to help you grow. As a result, you will grow as your practice grows.

Yoga and Meditation teacher 500-Hour ISHTA Certification

ISHTA yoga is a slow, meditative Hatha yoga flow for the well-being of the body, the mind and the spirit. ISHTA is the acronym for the integrated Science of Hatha,Tantra and Ayurveda and also means “individual” in Sanskrit.  

ISHTA yoga stimulates the mind by giving you all the tools to regain a healthy lifestyle. Regular practice will help you perform better in your daily activities. Your flexibility will be improved thanks to Hatha asanas and your spirituality will be energized through the Tantric philosophy. The strong mind-body connection created during the practice of ISHTA yoga allows to lead a balanced life. The principles of Ayurveda with a healthy diet and routine will help the practitioner to avoid illness. 


Contact me directly if you want to learn more about ISHTA and my different classes either restorative yoga, or rejuvenating classes, meditation classes, mothers and toddlers, yoga for elderly or for children and yoga to alleviate stress.


Claude Yoga and Meditation

Helping you find balance in mind, body and spirit